Eating Freely Challenge


Emma Murphy MIACP
Disordered Eating Specialist

This challenge is for you if:☁️

You know deep inside that another diet is NOT the solution;

💗You know deep inside that your relationship to yourself, and others in your life would be so much better without this secret;

🍩You know deep inside that how you are eating is not helping your health, and you may even be worrying about your health now;

⏰You are READY to do what it takes to finally find true freedom aound food, forever!

👉The first and most useful thing you need, a tool to help you reduce your episodes of emotional/binge eating IMMEDIATELY;

👉Practical guidance on how to separate out your ‘regular’ eating from your emotional/binge eating – and why it is so important to do this! (hint: all calories are NOT equal…)

👉The two key personality traits of clients who struggle with emotional & binge eating, and how to stop them sabotaging your efforts to change;

How to take back your power from both food, AND other people;… and a lot more besides!

Emotional eating and binge eating is not about your food, eating or weight. It’s about how you feel inside, how you judge yourself, how you believe others judge you and this is all very commonly rooted in the past, when you first learned to comfort yourself with food.

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