Hi, I’m Emma Murphy,

and I am delighted to welcome you to my free challenge !

I am so glad you have joined us, and are curious about how Eating Freely can help you change your relationship with food, your weight and your body image, FOREVER.

To prepare for this challenge:

Please ensure you add emma@eatingfreely.com to your contacts/address book so you get your reminder emails each day;

Get yourself a journal and pen to get the most from the daily sessions;

Put time aside each day to fully commit to watching and learning from your daily sessions.

The more you put into this Challenge, the more you will take away from it and be able to apply to your day-to-day life immediately.  

The benefits you will take from this challenge include:

  • A tool to begin reducing episodes of binge eating straight away;
  • An understanding of your triggers, and how they may actually be different to what you think they are;
  • A new way to be around other people! We cover several aspects of your relationships with others and how emotional/binge eating impacts your social and family life;
  • How to dial down that inner critical voice you have constantly in your head;
  • And more!

Well done on taking the time and having the courage to commit to this Challenge. I know this is far from the first thing you’ve tried, and that tells me that you have resilience and truly want to find true freedom around food, forever. I know this Challenge will help you.

Challenge Checklist:

  1. Have you added emma@eatingfreely.com to your contacts/address book?
  2. Have you got a journal and pen to use for note taking and reflection?
  3. Have you bookmarked the URL of this page on your browser, and noted down your username and password for easy daily access?
  4. Will you be able to print off the PDF downloads? (Optional, but recommended)

Your Challenge sessions will unlock daily, and you will get a reminder email each day.  

I’m so glad you are here.

Warm wishes,


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